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Awareness Week - Promoting awareness and inclusion of people with special needs in the city of Ramat Gan    

 During the month of October 2015 the city of Ramat Gan held an Awareness week to promote People with Special Needs. The weeklong campaign was initiated by the Municipality of Ramat Gan and led by the city's administration, in collaboration with various departments in the municipality, services for people with special needs within the city, The Community Service – The department of people with developmental disabilities and the support of the Shalem Foundation.
Various events were introduced to raise awareness among students, municipal employees, local residents and others, exposing the population to people with special needs promoting their rights, inclusion and enhancing joint partnerships.
Among the activities a 'Happening' was held at the National Park for children with special needs aged 3-14 and their families together with other school children. "Open houses" were held in: The Employment Center (MAAS Ramat Gan), The Hostel 'Ye'elim' and other Family Centers in order to familiarize oneself with the various services in the community.
The play "Simple Dreams" was performed for high school students, and joint physical challenging activities were conducted at the park and incorporated regular high school youth and youth with special needs aged 15-22.
In addition information and data on this subject was handed out to all municipal workers, advocacy sheets were distributed in schools and youth groups, the city administration signed a treaty endorsing the rights of people with disabilities and this issue was discussed in the city council's meetings.
The week was a true success and the events were significant for the people with disabilities and their families, the residents of the city, municipal workers, students and all that took part in the various events.
The Shalem Foundation was a key partner and supported activities throughout Awareness Week.