Toddlers Deserve the Best- Rehabilitation Daycare Center "Michal" for Toddlers in Holon      

Michal Center - communication rehabilitation and daycare, opened in Holon and is managed by Chimes Association Israel. Before the center was opened approximately 50 toddlers were driven to various facilities outside of the city. The daycare center caters for toddlers with intellectual, developmental disabilities and autism, aged from 6 months to 3 years, who receive a therapeutic educational daily schedule, which includes a personal rehabilitation plan developed by the center’s professional staff in collaboration with the parents. The toddlers’ families are an integral part of their children’s development and progress, and they receive training from the paramedical staff in order to create a therapeutic continuum at home, as well as, access to support groups, guidance and consultation.

The daycare center is named after Michal, Dina Becker’s daughter, who has worked for many years as head of the Rehabilitation Department at the Holon municipality. Dina has managed the Prat Association in Holon, and when the association shut down she donated the association’s funds to finance the establishment of the daycare center. The welfare directors in the city, social worker Tova Bar-Lev and her replacement, social worker Iris Tzur, have invested great efforts in finding an appropriate structure, and have driven the establishment of the center with the support of the municipality, and funding from the National Insurance

The Shalem Fund made a grant for the renovation and equipment of the center