Getting Connected in Ashkelon! The Tri-Annual Convention of the Shalem Fund for Coordinators, Social Workers and Care Center Managers in the Field of Developmental Intellectual Disabilities      

 The “Connected” convention is, as the name suggests, a connection between different content worlds and professionals from all over Israel, dealing with developmental intellectual disabilities. This year, the convention was held in Ashkelon, in an experiential framework rich of inspirational contents which provided a glimpse into new and interesting content worlds and slightly different thinking. The convention, constructed in collaboration with professionals from the authorities and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, was organized by the Department of Training at the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel. The participants’ cost was greatly subsidized by the Shalem Fund as well as by Homesh Association, and the Social Workers Union for its members. 100 professionals from all over Israel were exposed to various contents over the course of two days, and experienced various workshops


The convention also featured the premiere performance of “Beyond the Voice”, a choir consisting people with and without disabilities, which constitutes an innovative model for integration and a real and equal meeting place for people who share the love for singing and music. The choir was created by the Shalem Fund in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services and the National Insurance Institute. The crowd’s responses were emotionally warm and authentic and supported the choir members in understanding how inspirational they are. Great thought was invested in the convention in quality contents out of respect and appraisal for workers who work in and direct and daily contact with populations of people with developmental intellectual disabilities. The convention constitutes a professional meeting, recharging batteries and assisting in strengthening abilities and encouraging achievements and goal setting both as people and as professionals

The Shalem Fund initiates and subsidizes the convention, which has become a professional tradition