Seminar for Professionals in the Field of Treating Persons with Developmental Intellectual Disabilities – Southern District      

 In recent years, we have witnessed great development in the field of legislation and services provided for people with developmental intellectual disabilities, emphasizing increasing familial strength. In January this year, a seminar was held in Beer-Sheva in the southern district, intended to expand the reference circle for a person with developmental intellectual disabilities in the familial and social context, by presenting the most updated work procedures and discussing the role of the social worker and professionals in implementing and developing this policy. 80 professionals from the southern district participated in this seminar, including: social workers from social affairs and social services departments, disabilities coordinators and department manager in the social affairs and social services divisions, and managers of community and residential centers


A central part of this seminar was devoted to the lecture “the Diamond Insight” by Haya and Tzachi Dichner, a mother with developmental intellectual disabilities and her son, dealing with the border between helping and patronage, the topic of marriage and having children, and a collection of insights from her joint journey. In addition, the following lectures were held: “Beyond the Community” by Mati Cohen, national supervisor for the integration of tenants in the community, “Procedure of Placement in Foster Care for Children Until the Age of Eight and the Foster Care Law” by Aryeh Shemesh, national supervisor in the field of foster care and preschoolers. Sher Avi Hagit, director of the Summit branch in Beer-Sheva, presented the association’s work in the field of disabilities. The day was closed with Vivian Azran, the service manager, who presented updates and the new work procedures

The Shalem Fund was partner in planning the day and assisted in financing it