Survey findings: Accessibility Services Needs for People with Intellectual developmental disabilities in the Community and Local Authorities   Catalog # 256| PhD. Adi Levi Vered, Noga chen  

This study was carried out by 'Michlol'- the Assessment and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Foundation

Assessing the issue of information accessibility for people with Intellectual developmental disabilities developed out of the need of the largest authorities forum in Israel, to understand the needs of people with disabilities, and to develop cognitive accessibility eamsures for people with disabilities across the country, in line with the "Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Act" and the "Accessibility Regulations" Law. As part of this assessment, a survey was conducted for the role holders in the local authorities, in collaboration with various representatives of the local authorities in the social services departments, cognitive disability institutes, and representatives of the local government. This is for the purpose to examine what is currently being done in this area in the local authorities and the community, in the eyes of service providers in the authorities

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Key Words
People with Intellectual developmental disabilities
Cognitive accessibility
Shalem Fund study